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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Integrity of Medical School Admissions Decisions

Stephen L. Kanter, MD published an editorial in Academic Medicine this month about medical school admissions.

"Getting accepted to medical school must be about what the applicant knows, not who the applicant knows. And it must be about the applicant's potential to master a set of complex skills, to cultivate a professional habit of mind, and to develop into a creative and independent thinker-not the applicant's dependence on the influence of prominent individuals."

The Liaison Committee on Education publishes suggestions to ensure the integrity of the admissions process and Dr. Kanter proposes three ways to improve the way admissions committees make decisions.

"..while well-crafted accreditation standards and time-tested guidance from the GSA Committee on Admissions are key strategies for making sound admission decisions and minimizing inappropriate influence, they are not enough. Assuring the integrity of the process also requires leadership from the dean, who is the role-model-in-chief for all faculty, students, and staff of a medical school."

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