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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Caribbean Medical Schools: Is There Is A Difference?

A study by van Zanten and Boulet published in Academic Medicine examines the quality of the medical education in the Caribbean. The report finds tremendous variability is both the quality of undergraduate medical education and in the performance of students.

Performance was assessed based on country. The countries with the highest percentage of students passing the USMLE Step 1 on the first attempt were Grenada (84.4 %) and Dominica (69.7%). Countries with the lowest pass rates were Saint Lucia (19.4%) and Antigua/Barbuda (22.9%).

If you decide to attend medical school in the Caribbean, choose wisely. With 56 schools from which to choose, it can be confusing. There are different accreditation and review processes that will affect the education and experience you receive.

Click Here to read the abstract.
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