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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Medical School Reapplicants

If you applied to medical school this year and have not received any acceptances, you should think about reapplying. It is important to improve your candidacy if you reapply and should consider the following:

1) Did you apply late?

2) Are there any deficiencies in your background?

3) Do you need to improve your GPA and/or MCAT?

4) Did you select the right letter writers who know you well?

5) Did you apply broadly enough?

6) Were the written documents you submitted an outstanding representation of who you are and did they highlight what makes you a strong applicant?

7) If you received interviews, was there a problem with your interview skills?

I can identify any deficiencies in your application and help correct them if you decide to reapply. Several members of the MedEdits Class of 2009 who were accepted to US medical schools were reapplicants or third time applicants.