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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Medical School and Residency Interviews: The Importance of Practice

It is essential that medical school and residency applicants practice interviewing. While it is fine to practice with friends and family, it is advisable to practice with someone who has actually served on a medical school admissions committee if you are applying to medical school or a residency admissions committee if you are applying to residency.

It is very important not to memorize your answers or to say things that you "think they want to hear." Being authentic and honest during your interviews is essential.

Members of the MedEdits class of 2010 already have medical school interview invitations. But, do not despair if you are not in this elite group. There are still many interview invitations to come and the season is just beginning.

If you are a residency applicant and need help with your written documents, please contact us soon. ERAS applications can be submitted on September 1st and it is ideal to submit as close to this date as possible.

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