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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Medical School Interview Book

By Jessica Freedman MD, MedEdits

I am happy to announce the publication of The Medical School Interview: From preparation to thank you notes. Empowering advice to help you succeed. This book offers applicants practical and straight-forward guidance so they are prepared and confident on interview day.

Here is some feedback we have received on the book:

"This book was the best thing out there. I searched everywhere for a book that would help me to do well on interviews. After reading Dr. Freedman's book, I had such a clear vision of what to expect and the different types of interviewers. I read all that existed and this was the best!!!" - a medical school applicant

"I wanted to personally thank you for all that you have done for my son. He was ACCEPTED to medical school. I used your interview book as a guide to help him prep for his interviews and I think this helped him greatly. THANK YOU!" - parent of a medical school applicant

"The book is easy to read and the topics flow logically from one to the other. I like that you can zoom in on a topic easily and that you don't have to search for the information you need if the reader doesn't want to read the whole book in sequence. I also like how you provide just enough information to be instructive and not overwhelm the student since, as you state in the book, you can't prepare for everything. I think your book helped raise my son's confidence as he prepared for interviews [at Harvard, Columbia and Duke]. Thank you." - parent of a medical school applicant

If you are interested in working with me this season on your application to medical school or residency, please contact me soon. I work personally with all of my clients and do not employ outside consultants.