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Monday, September 20, 2010

US Citizen IMGs and the Match: What do the Numbers Really Mean?

At first glance, data suggests that the chances of matching are less than 50% for US citizen IMGs (47.3% in 2010 to be exact) but is the landscape really that competitive?

Unlike US medical students, international medical students can accept residency positions outside of the match including prematch offers. Many applicants who accept these offers either don't submit rank lists or withdraw from the match. Since it is very difficult to track how many positions are offered to applicants outside the match, the NRMP does not offer that data.

Consider this: Assume, in 2010, all US IMGs who either withdrew from the match (17.5%), or did not submit rank lists (15.4%), actually obtained residency positions that were not tracked by the NRMP. If this hypothesis is true, in total, 80.2% of US citizen IMGs may have actually obtained residency positions.

Thus, the numbers might not be so bleak.

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