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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who Wrote Your Personal Statement?

Would you hire someone to write your personal statement? A recent article in Business Week explores this issue and, while the focus is business school admissions, the same issues exist for the medical professions. Hiring someone to write your essays is an issue of ethics and there has been discussion in the academic community about policing these practices. Software programs have been created to detect plagiarism and admissions committees are now using these tools. If you hire someone to write your essay, you may never know if the same words are being used for another client.

The exercise of writing admissions documents is important; this allows applicants to reflect, introspect and explore their paths, ideals, and pivotal experiences. Not only does this help clients compose great documents, but it also encourages them to learn about themselves, establish a foundation for interview preparation, and clarify their future goals.

Click Here to read the Business Week article.

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