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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Caribbean Medical School Pays $100 Million For Hospital Contract

The New York Times has a lead article today announcing a 10-year, $100 million dollar contract between St. George's University School of Medicine and New York City's Health and Hospitals Corporation to provide clinical training for medical students. The concern is that US-based medical schools will need to increase tuition to compete for these clerkship slots.

"The contract...has turned a meritocracy into a bounty system in which struggling city hospitals collect more for every St. George's student they take, and could squeeze out local students."

"This changes to whole dynamic from an academic relationship to a dollar-based relationship," said Dr. Michael J. Reichgott, associate dean for clinical affairs and graduate medical education at Albert Einstein of Medicine in the Bronx.

This will give St. George's students greater opportunity in clinical clerkships allowing them work alongside US medical students which could open doors and help earn residency positions.

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