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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Client Snippet: Interview Attire

Clients ask me so many questions, many of which apply to a broad population. I have decided to post a weekly -- or possibly biweekly -- client question, concern or comment of interest.

This week, a very talented medical school applicant who already has interviews asked: "Dr. Freedman, I have heard that women should not bring purses or shoulder bags to interviews. Is this true?"

I am always amazed when I read admissions books that suggest women should only bring briefcases to interviews. I think this advice dates back to the 1940's and suggests that successful women should look (and act) like men. My suggestion is to bring whatever makes your comfortable. Colors are in this season. Be bold -- bring a red handbag. As long as your overall look is professional, there is no need to completely blend into the navy blue masses. Just be sure to bring a pen and a folder to hold any important documents.

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