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Friday, November 7, 2008

Residency and Medical School Interviews: What To Take

I find that many medical school and residency clients are concerned about what they should take to interviews. Here are some tips:

1) Do not bring a backpack to carry around with you. It is too bulky.

2) If you are traveling and must bring a suitcase, this is acceptable. You can ask where to leave your luggage during your interview. It was commonplace, when I interviewed applicants, to have one or two people do this each day.

3) Bring a pen and folder or portfolio. You should take notes during program or school presentations so, be prepared. Most programs will give you folders with literature about the school/program. Do not take notes during your actual interview(s).

4) It is OK to bring a purse. Just make sure it is small and easy to carry.

5) Bring any recent publications or updates for your interviewers.

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