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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Part-Time Careers in Medicine

Two interesting articles in Academic Medicine this month address the issue of working part-time. With the increasing desire for work/life balance, many women and men are seeking part-time career options.

"Studies indicate that part time faculty may enhance quality of care, patient satisfaction, resource utilization and productivity." It was acknowledged that division chiefs who allow part-timers will be able to recruit and retain better faculty.

Articles such as this in major academic journals represent changing attitudes towards part-time careers which is wonderful news for those embarking on a career in medicine. Many of my friends and colleagues drop out of other careers because they do not have such alternatives.

While I do not advise pursuing part-time work immediately following residency because it is important to establish yourself and gain experience early in your career, priorities change and, for different stages of life, the choice to work part-time might be perfect.

Click here and here to read the articles.

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