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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Letter of Intent: Medical School and Residency Applicants

This is the time of year that medical school and residency applicants start feeling more anxious. To help guarantee your success, it is essential that you communicate with the schools and programs in which you are most interested.

Medical School Applicants:

If you haven't received interviews from your top choice schools or have been waitlisted, consider writing a letter of intent. This letter should provide an update of your activities and accomplishments since you submitted your application and should express your specific interest in the school.

You should also consider sending additional letters of reference or having someone from your school/work make a phone call on your behalf.

Residency Applicants:

As programs get ready to submit rank order lists, you must express your interest in specific residencies to program directors. These letters are especially important if you interviewed earlier in the season. If you haven't done so already, schedule a second look at your top choice program. Be sure to say hello to the program or associate program director during your visit; face time is important.

If you haven't received an interview from your top choice program, call or write them to express your interest. As applicants become tired later in the season, they may rudely cancel interviews with little notice leaving open interview slots.

You should also consider sending additional letters of reference to individual programs in support of your candidacy or have someone from your school/work call on your behalf.


This can be a stressful time of year in medical admissions. It is important to stay motivated and energized and not to get discouraged. If you think you may need to reapply next year, don't despair. Be objective and devise a strategy now for next season if it looks like this might become an issue.

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