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Monday, February 9, 2009

Medical School Admissions Consulting: A Message From Dr. Freedman

Many clients and parents ask me why I chose to leave formal academic medicine to become president of MedEdits and advise privately. Some potential clients simply don’t understand why I would leave a thriving career in academic medicine to do what I do.

As the next application season begins and applicants start to think about who will help them succeed, I thought it was a good time to write a little about myself, my motivations, my career choice and why I offer a superior service.

After spending several years at elite medical institutions, I realized that it was not easy for students to find excellent mentors who could guide, motivate and inspire them to train at such institutions themselves. Even though many of my colleagues had outstanding credentials and clinical and teaching skills, few of them had the talent and temperament to do an outstanding job of helping and advising students.

A few years ago, as I was contemplating my next move up the ladder in formal academic medicine, I took a personal inventory of my accomplishments. As part of this process, I reviewed the faculty evaluations my students had written about me over the years. These evaluations consistently placed me as a top faculty member. I realized that my talents were unique and valuable to my students and that I could help more people if I ventured out on my own.

I started advising privately in January 2008. My clients have had tremendous success, and my former students still contact me often for guidance. My goal is to build long term relationships with clients, first helping them gain admission to medical school and then to obtain post graduate training. I currently do pro bono work on a select basis and, as my client base builds, I hope to do more of this in the future.

So what distinguishes me as an advisor and MedEdits as a company from other individuals and organizations that you might hire?

1) I have experience that is unmatched by anyone in the private advising industry. I am a physician and have experience at all levels of medical admissions, as well as an extensive background in medical education.

2) I do all advising and mentoring myself. I do not train or work with anyone else; students work with me directly.

3) I have a small group of talented medical editors who work on all documents with me. Therefore, two kinds of experts and two sets of eyes review all of your admissions documents.

4) Advising is my full time job. I do not do this as a “side line.”

5) I stay up to date with research and trends in medical education.

6) I still practice medicine on a part-time basis – mostly on weekends – so I can provide insight about the practical aspects of a career in medicine.

I am always happy to speak with you about your situation. I will limit the number of clients with whom I work next season so, please retain my services early.