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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Medical School Personal Statement

Believe it or not, the next wave of applicants are starting to write their personal statements for the 2009/2010 application season.

As I was brainstorming with a client yesterday about possible personal statement topics, I was motivated to write a blog entry about a common theme I have observed in applicants written materials. Oftentimes, applicants shy away from writing about the obstacles or hardships in their lives that have motivated their choices and influenced their paths. They fear that the reader will think they are seeking sympathy or that their essay will be interpreted as a "sob story." I encourage applicants to tackle and write about these hurdles because this often provides the reader with valuable insight about the applicants' decision to pursue a career in medicine. As long as this is done in a positive and constructive style, these applicants' essays are often the ones that leap out from the rest in the pile.

It is not too early to start thinking about your application and admission strategy for 2009/2010.