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Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting Into Residency: The Importance Of Away Electives

If you are currently a third year medical student, now is the time to start scheduling your fourth year electives (if you haven't done so already). What are your goals during your electives?

1) Do a great job! Some away electives serve as "audition rotations." If you have the stats to get into any given program, working at that program gives faculty and residents the chance to evaluate you "in action." This can work for you or against you; if you impress the people with whom you work, this is likely to help you earn a higher spot on the rank list but, if you do a less than average job, it may hurt your chances.

2) Obtain additional letters of reference. One client last year did an away elective at a program where he knew he didn't have much of a shot. But, he did an outstanding job, out-performed his fellow students, and received additional letters form well known faculty. This client matched at his first choice in anesthesiology!

I am currently working with students to help them craft their fourth year, choose the best letter writers and decide when to take the USMLE Step 2. I also coach clients to ensure they perform well during key rotations.

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