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Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Medical School Acceptances or No Residency Match?

If you are applying to medical school this year and have not yet received any interviews, it is unlikely that you will. You must consider now if you will reapply in the upcoming season and what you will do to enhance your candidacy.

If you did not obtain a residency match this year, you must also consider reapplying for the match in September. Some prospective clients who did not match this year have emailed me to inquire about available positions for July 2009. The only service I recommend using is FindAResident which is sponsored by the AAMC. Many for profit "post-scramble" companies are a scam and I do not advocate using them.

I am already working with medical school and residency clients for the upcoming application season. Based on my clients' success in 2009, I anticipate that I will become booked and encourage all interested applicants to retain my services early. As a commitment to my clients, I limit the number of applicants with whom I work.