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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Letters of Intent

This is the season for both residency and medical school applicants to consider writing letters of intent. The best letters of intent are individualized. Don't write a general letter that could have been written by another applicant. Use your letter to distinguish yourself and express your unique interest in the medical school or program.

So, what topics should be included in your letter?

1) Introduce yourself. Tell the dean of admissions or the program director who you are and when you interviewed.

2) Provide an update of any recent accomplishments.

3) Indicate your specific interest in the school or program. Try to relate these specifics to your background and interests.

4) Tell the school or program that they are your #1 choice (only write this if it is true!)

I have blogged about letters of intent in the past so be sure to read these posts.

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