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Monday, August 9, 2010

September 1st ERAS Submission

Around this time of year I receive calls from anxious residency applicants eager to submit their ERAS application on September 1st. It is important to understand that for some specialties, especially those that are less competitive, this is important. However, for more competitive specialties, such as dermatology, for example, an early submission may be less significant. Why? Competitive specialties often wait for the November 1st release of the MSPE to review applications and have the luxury of knowing that students will accept interview offers whenever they are given. Less competitive specialties, in contrast, feel they are "competing" for applicants and want to grant interviews before applicants have already made their travel plans.

As a former associate residency director, I can tell you that we never started reviewing applications until October and rarely did we pay attention to an applicant's submit date. That said, once all of our interview slots were filled, late application submissions were put on hold.

Unfortunately, I am no longer accepting clients for this application season and I encourage applicants who want mock interview help to retain my services soon. I am now booking mock interviews for October. For clients interested in working with me for the 2010/2011 application season, please contact me in advance.

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