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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Your online image will follow you forever. Whatever is “googleable” about you now can always be found. The findings of a recent study by The University of Miami in the Postgraduate Medical Journal about social networking and medical admissions indicate that information on social networks could impact your success during any medical admissions process. About 9% of admissions officers surveyed in this study say they routinely review social networking sites when evaluating applicants. Reputation management should start early; be careful about what you post and with whom you associate. “What people put online is really a part of their history. … You have to be extremely careful about what you put out there,” said Dr. Carl Schulman, the study’s lead author. While this study did not focus on internet content in general, it might be fair to assume that some admissions officers also “google” applicants and do not focus solely on social networking sites.
The question really becomes: How can you use social media and the internet so it helps you? Put out great content about yourself on the internet. Consider writing a blog about your interests or curiosities. Start interesting dialogues. Say something smart! That way, if anyone chooses to “google” you at any point in your career, they will be pleasantly impressed.
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