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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Getting Into Residency: Second Looks and Keeping In Touch With Programs

As we approach the official middle of interview season, it is time for applicants to start thinking about their rank order lists (ROLs) and to develop a strategy for reconnecting with programs in which they are interested. Regardless of how well your interview went, it is very difficult for admissions officers to have a clear memory of applicants who interviewed early in the season. This is why it is important to try and stay "fresh" in the minds of the residency leadership -- especially the program directors and associate program directors who are the most influential in this process.

A few tips:

1) Schedule second looks at programs in which you are really interested.

2) Write letters of intent. Tell your number one choice program that you are ranking them first. Be sure to write this to only one program.

3) Contact programs from which you haven't heard if you are interested. Programs may receive cancellations from applicants late in the season and, if your timing is right, this could get you an interview.

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