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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Interview Day Tours and Lunches: How To Behave

Many clients ask me about how to behave on tours and lunches during interview days for medical school, residency and fellowship.

1) The bottom line is always be respectful. Whether it is a secretary, residency coordinator or the person who takes away the trash, it is essential to treat everyone well.

2) On tours, be front and center and pay attention. As a tour guide, I could always tell who was lingering, chatting or disinterested and who was really paying attention to what I said. While it is good to ask questions, don't dominate or interrupt the tour guide.

3) Demonstrate good table manners. If you are nervous, stay away from caffeine. Bring a breath mint for after your meal.

4) Be kind to the other applicants. Pretend you are in a fishbowl this day. If you are friendly and personable to all, this can only help you.

5) Read my blog entry on the dinner before the interview day. Click Here.

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